Your Idea

Your Idea


Do you have a business idea that you can describe in a few pages? Have you carefully considered the type of person that needs your product or your services and do you know someone who fits that profile?

Have you already made a rough estimate of numbers? Have you researched whether there is already a similar solution on the market? Are you sure there is a gap?

The concrete presentation of your idea and its market opportunity is not that important, but you do need to know which pond you want to swim in!

If you have already formulated answers to these questions, then you will find it easy to create the “basic concept”. Don’t worry about making it perfect. There is no “pass” or “fail” 😉

Developing a business case

If we pass the first hurdle and your “basic concept” shows potential, then it really starts right away – we will work with you to develop a business case. In the first stage your concept will be examined in more detail and measured against a range of criteria to determine whether or not it is worthwhile to invest the time and energy to create a comprehensive business case.

Naturally, this is going to be hard work, but success rarely comes without it! Don’t worry, you will not be doing it alone. The constartive team brings years of experience to your project and we can provide you with advice and input, not only to assist the process but also in terms of content.

Of course, we will also be critical and challenge your assumptions if we think they are too optimistic. Sometimes you will need to convince us with a compelling argument.

At the end of this phase, the business case must be of sufficient quality that we are convinced of its content – and that you are proud of it.

Product Design

Regardless of whether your business idea is a product or service, the problem that it solves and the benefit to your customers must be crystal clear. With this in mind, we need to invest the necessary time to define the design and possibly also work out a plan for future development and expansion stages.

At this stage sometimes it can also make sense to call in additional specialists – especially if a physical product is to be created. In this phase, we will gain even more clarity about the planning and the go to market strategy, which will help us to further sharpen your business plan.

Achieving traction

In the business planning process, we have already considered who the target groups are and why they should become users. At this stage we dive deeper into this topic – it’s about marketing, and how we want to turn potential users into customers.

You will create a marketing plan with us and we will plan the various stages, measurements and their costs. We also define the metrics and target values ​​that we need to measure success.

The topic of financing has of course been with us since the business plan, and at this point we may enter into negotiations with potential investors to find the “perfect fit”.

We will found a new company with you!

Managing Growth

Your idea is on the market – what now?

You could say that the hard work is only just beginning – but that’s almost a different story …